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Desmond Blair

Meet Desmond

Desmond Blair’s life story exemplifies what is possible when you look at what you can do instead of what you can’t. Despite being born without fingers on both hands, he taught himself to hold a pencil and has been creating great art ever since. Now, he’s partnering with Mizzen+Main and ATF to show how healthy habits can improve both mind and body.

Follow along his journey by viewing the hashtag #ATF22DESMOND

Defying all odds

After graduating high school at 16, Desmond got his degree and continued on with a Masters of Fine Arts. Today, he is an incredible artist, teacher, and speaker, along with working for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in the Information Technology Department.

Visit Desmond's instagram to see his incredible works of art @d_blair

Congratulations, Desmond Class 22

The 9 week program is more than just physical training. It was an overall experience that helped me to find closure after losing my mom through overcoming obstacles. Each day, I never knew what to expect but we (my class) were coached to rise to the occasion and face the challenges our trainers had planned for us. I feel like that translates to life outside of the gym. Every day is going to be different and there are going to be tough challenges that you will face. Losing my mom was hard but my 9 weeks at ATF really woke me up in a way I can't fully describe.

I was reminded of the importance of getting up everyday and continuing to face challenges with a smile. No matter how you're born, every day is an opportunity to overcome challenges. Learning how to continue to push yourself while also giving yourself grace at the same time is the best way to make the most of life. It's how you continue to put yourself back together with gold. (Kintsugi)

Now that the 9 weeks are over, I plan to continue training to see how far I can push myself physically. I'll also be taking up jujitsu!