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Layered Looks

Here's where it all comes together

There’s no better time to get creative and express yourself than during the fall season when cooler weather allows for all kinds of layer combinations. See how a few key pieces can connect together in a variety of fun ways and get tips from our Product Design Director, Gus.

Your base layer

A man wearing Mizzen+Main talking on his phone while standing behind a desk.

Set the stage for comfort throughout the day with one of these soft favorites that hug your body just the right way.

Weight of layering plays a key role in being comfortable. You’ll want to choose items that aren’t super bulky and can carry you through the day. This base layer will be your foundation for comfort, no matter where your day takes you or what layers you add.

- Gus, Product Design Director

your build layer

That next layer should have enough stretch to drape the body well while still retaining a proper fit. Here are a few classic staples that can be mixed and matched for completely unique looks.

Quality and innovation are built into every Mizzen + Main product. Our layers offer superior comfort and give you the power and confidence to look your best. Remember, don’t be afraid to mix stripes, solids, prints and plaids. Just make sure all scales of the patterns are different enough to complement each other.

- Gus, Product Design Director

your big layer

It’s time for your big finish. Complete the look with a timeless piece that complements yet never overpowers.

Make sure the finishing touches of your ensemble are on point. Elevated zippers, buttons and trim help add to that polished look.

- Gus, Product Design Director

Two men, sitting in a cafe, laughing while wearing Mizzen+Main clothing.