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Wholesale Partnerships

Interested in becoming a retail partner?

As more and more people try on their first piece of Mizzen+Main – whether it’s a dress shirt, polo, pants, or a pullover – they’re creating a relationship with a brand that not only understands them, but exists to make them (and their wardrobes) a little more comfortable. We think your customers will love us.

A model wearing a white with blue cross check pattern Mizzen+Main dress shirt. A smiling model standing next to an elevator, wearing a blue Mizzen+Main short sleeve shirt.

Pay an Invoice

Need to settle up? You have two options: online or by check. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Account Manager, or email our Accounts Receivable team at

Pay Online

You can use our secure online payment system to quickly pay your invoice.

Pay Now

Pay By Check

Please mail your payment checks to: Mizzen And Main LLC Dept #41911 PO Box 650823 Dallas, TX 75265-0823

A smiling model, walking along the outside of a concrete building, wearing a red and blue patterned Mizzen+Main short sleeve shirt, while holding a vintage cell phone.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are our favorite time to interact with retailers face-to-face. You make these events worth it for us.

But that’s just why we like them.

For you, this is a great chance to get your hands on our product and give us feedback (which we will actually listen to and work to implement). We can tell you all about our products and why your customers will love them, but with Mizzen+Main, feeling is believing.

If you'd like to set up an appointment with us at any of our shows, please reach out to us at

2022 Shows

  • PGA January 26 - 28
  • Dallas Show January 28 - 31
  • Chicago Collective February 6 - 8
  • Dallas July 30 - August 1
  • Chicago August 8 - 9
A panoramic photo of a Mizzen+Main trade show booth, with sales people and customers in view.