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Ep #15: Bryce Goldman


Heidi Zak and her husband started ThirdLove, a company changing the way women think of what’s possible mixing form, function, and fashion when it comes to undergarments. In six years, they’ve grown their team to over 250 employees and 10 million women have used their custom fit finder on their site. More importantly than the growth of the business and some of the key ways she was able to do so, I took away from this the impact that a leader like Heidi truly can have from a team and culture perspective. “Don’t dwell on the past” is one of her core company values and is part of how she’s able to stay not only sane but truly joyous in juggling being a CEO and mom to two little ones while trying to make sure to enjoy all life has to offer! Recording this conversation reinforced why I think this podcast is worth doing - it was educational and sheds light on the unique journey founders take.

Show Notes:

  • 06:30 Coming from the industry with a passion for product development
  • 10:30 Partnering with a serial entrepreneur, founder of Suja (recently sold to Coke)
  • 20:00 Company culture changes and challenges
  • 35:15 “Not always 100% present” - a consistent sacrifice of founders
  • 40:15 The gumption to launch a signature product that is outside the core of the brand while staying true to it (and the culture that supports it)
  • 44:10 Stop worrying so much! Check your calendar three years from now - did you follow your advice?
  • 52:00 Life imitates art - accidentally emailing people bad news that weren’t supposed to be on the thread
  • 59:20 Book recommendations: The Alchemist & Seth Godin (Lynchpin)