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Ep #3: Nate Checketts


This was an absolutely fantastic episode, probably because Nate and I are so much alike and enjoy spending time together as much as we do. We’re also on very similar journeys. Nate Checketts founded Rhone, a premium active men’s apparel company that makes honestly the best workout gear in the world. I say that not as Nate’s friend - I say that as a repeat customer. I wore my Rhone joggers for almost a month straight last winter and my wife actually thought I was having a mental breakdown. I would come home, put on my joggers, and go about the rest of my day. All of their stuff is seriously that great.

What makes this episode special is some of the vulnerability that Nate shares about the challenges of his journey, including a literal life changing moment where he almost died due to his type 1 diabetes and how he prioritizes family. I also loved hearing how his leadership team kicks off their weekly meeting talking about their company principles on a rotating basis. I know you will enjoy this conversation, as it is a really unique view on two founders on parallel roller coasters.

Stay in touch with Nate on Instagram @natechecketts.

Show Notes:

  • 6:00 - The name Rhone - the marriage of aesthetic and function
  • 9:20 - “Ignorance can be a founder’s best friend” or why experts can be wrong
  • 14:05 -How a dream (corporate) job left Nate still unhappy because it isn’t how he is built
  • 17:15 - Become a Head Coach article
  • 18:30 - Rhone principles that kick off the weekly meetings
  • 23:30 - The challenges of finding the 5%, getting culture right, and not yelling at people
  • 36:00 - Waking up early and giving your best self to your family
  • 37:50 - Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Matthew Walker
  • 46:30 - Nate’s near death experience
  • 50:30 - Business Wars Podcast
  • 55:45 -The offsite that changed Rhone forever
  • 1:03:00 - The Power Of Habit Book
  • 1:04:30 - The single best lightning round answer I’ve heard yet
  • 1:13:00 - Rhone’s Father’s Day campaign