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What to Wear in Dallas, Texas


Whether you’re from Dallas or just visiting for the weekend, there’s plenty to see and lots to do. But this isn’t about the ideal Dallas itinerary. No, we’re here to talk style. Fashion. Looks. You know the drill. Mizzen+Main was born in this city (feel free to add our flagship store to your list of places to visit), so we know a thing or two about what to wear here.

The first thing you need to know is that Texas is a state of many seasons. And by mean seasons, we really mean two seasons—hot and cold. The good news is that we make clothes for both of those temperatures, so if you’re looking for what to wear in Dallas, here are some style guides for every month of the year.

What to wear in Dallas during the winter

Average temperatures in the winter months range from the upper 30s to the 60s, so you’re going to want to dress warm. Trade in the shorts for pants, put on your jacket, and wear layers. Here are our style recommendations for every month in the winter.

What to wear in January

It will be cold. So, we would recommend wearing whatever gift you just received the month before. What’s that? No one bought you some comfortable Mizzen+Main clothes? Well, first, feel free to send them our gift guide. And second, start with some layers.

Flannels make for a great base layer, especially when under a nice jacket. Or, if you need to dress it up a bit, try a dress shirt under a quarter-zip under a blazer (if you’re really going above and beyond). On the other hand, if you’re asking what to wear hog hunting in Texas, we’d definitely recommend a flexible hoodie to help stay warm.

You’re also going to want pants (never forget pants). Denim is always safe, but if you want the style of a 5-pocket in performance fabric, check out the Helmsman.

What to wear in Dallas in February

February in Dallas will start to show hints of warmth, but don’t let your guard down. This is going to be a great chance to try vests, which look great over flannels and dress shirts. Or even a jacket that you can zip all the way up in the mornings and wear it unzipped by the time the afternoon has warmed up.

If you’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day, then it’ll be handy to have some classic khaki pants and a blazer. But let’s be honest, you’re probably more excited about the Super Bowl, which means joggers and a hoodie are going to be your go-to.

What to wear in Dallas in March

Daylight Savings Time means that March is the month where everyone gets one extra hour of sunlight in the evenings. And if that isn’t cause for rejoicing, then we don’t know what is. As for what to wear in Dallas in March, we recommend planning for those sunlit evening activities.

A no-tuck dress shirt is the perfect casual-yet-formal look that can transition perfectly from the office to a night on the town. This is also the month to break out the short-sleeve button downs. But before you ask about shorts, the answer is no. Not yet.

There may be a hot day here and there in March, but don’t get comfortable. It’s best to have a pair of lightweight, performance fabric pants handy to get you through the whole day.

What to wear in Dallas in April

This month is all about the Master’s. Yes, we know that doesn’t happen in Dallas, but we’ll still be watching. More importantly, we’ll be doing everything we can to cut out of the office early and play some golf.

For what to wear in Dallas in April, golf course attire is going to be the perfect go-to. A polo, some shorts (finally some shorts), and maybe a vest if you’ve got an early morning tee time. It’s likely that you’ll still get a cool day every now and then, so best to have a lightweight pullover handy as well. What to wear in Dallas in the Summer

It’s going to be hot. Like, really hot. Expect highs to reach the upper 90s and lows to fall somewhere in the 70s. Here’s how the weather changes during the summer months and what outfits are going to keep you cool.

What to wear in Dallas in May

Summer is officially here. Which means it’s time for some lightweight, short-sleeve button downs. Feel free to show a little bit of style with some fun patterns and prints (we’re all excited for the warmth).

Shorts are an absolute must-have this time of year (don’t even dream of pulling pants out of the closet unless you’re required by law or dress code). The staple navy and khaki shorts are always nice, but if you’re going to get some time poolside, which of course you should, then why not bring a bathing suit.

What to wear in Dallas in June

June is the hottest month in Dallas. We’re talking triple digits. Frankly, we’d recommend wearing as little clothing as possible at this time of year, but if you’re anywhere other than in a pool, you might have to put on a shirt. In that case, the more lightweight the better. Let yourself breathe as best you can.

And if for whatever reason you’re friends with someone who’s having a wedding in Dallas in June, then brace yourself for a beatdown and come prepared with the Monaco—our lightest, fastest-drying dress shirt yet. You’re going to sweat so get a shirt that doesn’t show it.

What to wear in Dallas in July

Did we mention that summers in Dallas are hot? Yup, still true for July. Good news is that we’ll provide a breath of fresh air with our biggest sale of the year. Make sure to check out the Main Sale to get our bestselling styles at their lowest prices of the year.

This is a great time to stock up on dress shirts, which (because we’re from Dallas) we’ve designed to be wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking, and machine washable. So, if you sweat a lot—and no one will blame you because it’s Dallas in July—get a shirt that doesn’t show your sweat, doesn’t retain moisture, and is quick and easy to wash.

What to wear in Dallas in August

If we were liars, we would tell you that this is the time of year in Dallas when things start to cool off. Nope. Still hot. Another popular month for weddings, make sure you’re prepared with a formal dress shirt that (of course) doesn’t show your sweat.

And if you’re looking for more of a casual look, try a short-sleeve or no-tuck button down. Either style works with shorts and pants, so feel free to bring both out this month and let your hems fly free.

What to wear in Dallas in September

Dallas in September is a bit of a mixed bag. Some days are hot and some days will start to show glimpses of fall. For this, we recommend a henley and flannel. If it’s cold in the morning, button that flannel on up, but keep the henley underneath, so you can unbutton in the evening and feel loose and free.

This is also the time of month where pants will start to make more sense, even on the weekends. Still, best to have something lightweight handy so that you can wear them even when the night doesn’t cool off like you hoped it would.

What to wear in Dallas in October

It’s really, truly, finally fall. If you’re wondering what to wear in the fall, know that we have every single style you’ll need. Whether you want a classic white dress shirt or something with some color and print, you can find the perfect fit for any fall occasions.

One of the most popular events in Dallas this time of year are weddings. What to wear to a fall wedding is a tricky question when you’re coming to Texas because there’s always a chance you’ll happen to show up to what feels like a summer wedding. In that case, lightweight pants and a shirt that doesn’t show your sweat is always helpful to have on hand. We can obviously help you there.

What to wear in Dallas in November

The first two weeks of November mark the last two weeks of fall’s dove hunting season, so before you prepare to get back out there when it’s much colder, we’d recommend taking a flannel and jacket out with you this time of year. Enjoy the cool sunrise and then shed a layer as you look to hit your limit before the day’s end.

With the beginning of the holiday season, now is a great time to get a go-to dress shirt and/or quarter-zip pullover that will look nice at the Thanksgiving table. Couple that with a hoodie and some joggers to unwind while you watch football on the couch and you’re prepared for every November situation.

What to wear in Dallas in December

We’re almost back to the start. December in Dallas is cold, so be prepared with a jacket and a flannel for a more casual look, a dress shirt and a crewneck pullover for something a little nicer, and then you can always go with a golf polo and quarter-zip if you’re looking to sneak in some winter golf.

The good news is that no matter what month you happen to find yourself in while in Dallas, Texas, there’s an outfit that will work for you. And chances are, if you like clothes that look great and feel comfortable, Mizzen+Main has just what you need.