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Work Can Wait - Taylor Hearn, MLB Pitcher


It’s not very often you get to hang out with a professional baseball player. It’s even more rare to ride horses with one. But we recently did both. 

Taylor Hearn is a current starting pitcher for our very own Texas Rangers. Looking at him on the mound, it’s easy to think he’s been throwing baseballs his whole life. That may be the case, but he’ll be the first to tell you, his athletic career started somewhere else: the rodeo.

While calf roping didn’t end up being Taylor’s full-time professional career, horseback riding has stuck with him as a way to step away from baseball (aka his work). 

In this video, you’ll hear him share what he loves about horses, why it’s easy for him to take baseball one game at a time, and why even self-proclaimed cityfolk can experience a lot of joy from spending a day outside.

We can confirm this last part is true. Because we sure did.