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Workout Clothes You Can Wear To Work


Balancing a demanding career and personal fitness requires efficiency and optimization. So, we all follow life hacks to save time and cut back on stress during the day. Meal prep, intermittent fasting, mouse mover plug-ins—you get the picture.

Add this pro tip to your daily routine: work in the same clothing you workout in. Wearing workout clothes to work saves time and energy, adds comfort, and helps you look good—when dressed in the right style. Wondering how to get away with it? We have some ideas. 

Here’s how to dress for the office in your workout clothes.

Choose products designed for performance 

Most professionals chose not to embrace the Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs look (thankfully). So, business casual in many professional settings still requires a dress shirt.

Morning workouts become easier when you put on a performance dress shirt. Instead of waiting to cool off at the gym, you can wear a dress shirt that helps you avoid sweating through your shirt and dries by the time you arrive at the office. Look for performance fabrics such as polyester and nylon blends because of their moisture-wicking and fast-drying qualities.

Our top pick: Monaco Dress Shirt

Whatever way you choose to exercise, do it without stress because this performance fabric dress shirt wicks the sweat away and has superior quick-dry properties. Made with a fabric blend of 88% polyester and 12%, the Monaco Dress Shirt fits into every activity throughout your day. It also shows zero signs of wrinkles, so you can roll up your sleeves and get to any kind of work.

Wear shorts with some give 

Now that the Wall Street Journal has given the thumbs up to wear shorts to work, you can free your legs for the summer heat wave. When choosing shorts you can work out in and wear to work, search for elastic fabrics like rayon or spandex. You want stretch that gives you the range of motion to perform a squat without busting your inseam. And look out for neutral colors like navy, gray, and khaki so that nobody confuses your shorts for swim trunks.

Our top pick: Helmsman Shorts

Formal enough to wear to the office and comfortable enough to wear to the golf course, our Helmsman shorts are your go-to summer staple. These shorts have a stretch waistband, making it easy to move comfortably no matter your activity.

Dress performance casual

When Casual Friday comes around, lose the buttoned shirt and sportcoat for something a little more relaxed. Performance T-shirts are easy to dress up with a polo or bomber jacket or dress down with a pair of jeans. Plus, the short sleeves will keep you cool for a midday run (our favorite WFH distraction). 

We’d recommend opting for a neutral color like blue or gray without logos. While we all love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, save the concert tees for the weekend.

Our top pick: Easyknit T-Shirt

Do you have dreams of waiting to shower after a workout until the nighttime? We can make that happen. This activewear shirt keeps you cool and dry through even the most intense workouts. Made with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric, you can feel confident that you’ll feel just as fresh after your workout as you did before.

Wear layers

When the CFO starts to lower the A/C preparing for a recession, your activewear T won’t cut it. But, you can stay warm in the office and cool for your workout by wearing gear designed for high mobility.

Midlayers layers like quarter zips look business professional without inhibiting your workout. When choosing a quarter zip, look for breathable materials. Cotton layers are great for lounging, but you’ll sweat right through them five minutes into your workout. 

Our top pick: Clubhouse Quarter Zip

We at Mizzen+Main believe comfortable workout clothes come in other shapes than sweatshirts and sweatpants. The Clubhouse Quarter Zip keeps you dry using a blend of spandex and polyester. Made to stretch, this pullover moves with your body for ultimate comfort through all your workouts.

Trade in pants for joggers

Chinos are a business casual staple, but they make it nearly impossible to get in a workout. Suitable for Crossfit or team meetings, joggers can look appropriate in the office while also making it easy to sneak in an afternoon run. When choosing joggers, look for a pair that resembles chinos and doesn’t drape too loosely. Joggers that fit close to your body will give you a more professional vibe.

Our top pick: Helmsman Jogger

Who says work pants have to feel stiff? Our Helmsman Jogger is designed for motion. Made with lightweight construction and 4-way stretch, these joggers can withstand any workout and blend in at any work event.

Work hard, exercise harder 

Follow these tips to bring your lives at the gym and the office closer together. For professional clothes designed for performance, shop our new arrivals or check out our wardrobe staples.