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Team Red, White, & Blue

To all our veterans, thank you for always being there.

Team Red, White & Blue is forging America's leading veteran health and wellness community. Learn more at

We are forever indebted to the serviceman and women of this great country and want to express a sincere thank you on this special day. The commitment and sacrifices you've made in your lives is valued at Mizzen+Main. Please support our veterans by helping us donate 100% of proceeds from this t-shirt to Team Red White & Blue.

Team Red, White, & Blue has worked with the more than 3.5 million post-9/11 veterans living in communities nationwide.

It may sound simple, but buying a shirt can go a long way to serving both your own community and others nationwide.

To our veterans, I appreciate your sacrifice so much. To our customers, I appreciate the way you serve and support those who do the same for our country.

Thank You