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Our Products - An Overview

Given the growth of our business, our commitment to high-quality product, and our need to exist and grow as a company, we have had to diversify our manufacturing beyond the United States.  While we pioneered the performance dress shirt, the fabric capabilities and manufacturing resources in the US are not currently sufficient in supporting the scale of our business. We created this page to share insights on our evolution.

Where are your products made now?

We manufacture product in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines.  We will also continue to manufacture shirts in the US and the Dominican Republic through the end of 2019.

What’s the quality of the factories you are using overseas?

We work with partners who are experts in their respective categories.  We ensure our factory partners uphold the country-specific standards in support of worker’s well-being and manufacturing processes through independent, third-party audits. We also visit each factory to audit processes and review our product and the factory conditions first hand.

When did this change happen?

We started to deliver product from our new partners in early 2019.

I recently bought a shirt and the sizing feels different than my other shirts. Why is this?

There could be a few reasons for a shirt fitting the way it does. If you haven’t purchased a shirt since the early days of the company, you might notice some fit differences.  We are constantly reviewing customer feedback and implementing improvements based on those insights. On rare occasions, we find that a product was made incorrectly.  In either case, please feel free to contact our team, and we'll be happy to assist you with an exchange or return. All of our products have a 30 day return policy.

Will you be moving production back to the United States?

We are always evaluating our supply chain to ensure capabilities are aligned with our product needs.

American-made products are important to me. How are you supporting the US with these changes?

By purchasing Mizzen+Main product, you are contributing to the livelihood of many who live and work here in the US - our home office team in Dallas, our store teams, and hundreds of our Wholesale partners across the country.  Your support is helping to create new jobs, both at our home office and in communities where we open stores.

We also have a strong, long-standing partnership with ATF (Adaptive Training Foundation), who support our US veteran community and those with life-altering injuries through adaptive performance training. If you would like to learn more, please visit this link.

If you have any other questions about how we do things at Mizzen+Main, please drop us a note at

We're working hard to build an enduring brand.  Thanks for your support!