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Ep #10: Web smith


This was a particularly unique episode of Founders15 because Web Smith and I worked together in the early days of building Mizzen+Main. Today, Web is the founder of 2PM, a newsletter for CEO’s, investors, creatives, marketers, and entrepreneurs with all the most relevant information along with an Executive Membership option with in depth commentary, analysis, and robust databases. There are a lot of newsletters today… there are few great ones. 2PM is one of the absolute best. Web shares insights into the unique challenges of “scaling insight” - something that can be tremendously difficult to do - along with his evolving routine of staying sane which includes sleeping “a whole lot more these days” of up to 6.5 hours (hint: that’s still not a lot of sleep!). He is well on his way to building 2PM into what his goal is: to be the “go to source for the entire industry” As a personal subscriber, executive member, and avid reader of the newsletter despite unsubscribing to almost everything else these days, I highly encourage you all to check out and say hello to web on twitter @web, yes that really is his twitter handle!

Show Notes:

  • 04:43 - The birth of 2PM
  • 08:08 - The impact of 2PM mentions to websites
  • 10:30 - 2PM = Two polymaths. Commerce, Media, Finance, Agency work
  • 12:15 - You cannot survive without a base knowledge that continues to evolve
  • 15:00 - An inspiration for 2PM: Stratechery
  • 19:30 - On Rogue: perhaps the most impressive product company you don’t really understand
  • 36:20 - Learning what you don’t want from how others treat you
  • 24:30 - The eventual impact of Joe Kennedy on Web’s family
  • 36:20 - Learning what you don’t want from how others treat you
  • 40:45 - Goal: Be the Go To source for the entire industry
  • 46:30 - Scooter Braun!
  • 58:30 - Bulletproof coffee: beware