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Find Your Fit


Getting the right size shouldn't be hard. Here's how we hope to make it easy.

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Changing rooms are like coffins—they’re claustrophobic, poorly lit, and no one looks as good in them as they think they should.

Which may explain why you’re here, shopping online. We get it. We’re with you.

We also understand that you don’t want to buy something that doesn’t fit and then have to return it on your own. Returns involve receipts and boxes and trips to the post office (not to mention some nasty logistics), and honestly, who has time for any of that? Not us. Not you.

So let’s get it right the first time.

One of the best parts of shopping with Mizzen+Main is that we have a fit that works for you. No matter your shape and style, you can find not only the best damn dress shirt but your best damn dress shirt. The key is knowing a little bit about yourself.

Do Men Know Their Body Size?

The answer to this is yes...and also no. Just because you know your t-shirt size (“I’m a Large”) doesn’t mean you know what size dress shirts, polos, pullovers, and jackets you should be wearing. That means you might be missing out on finding the best fitting clothes for you.

Just like you have your own fingerprint, you also have your own perfect size and fit. Here’s how to make sure you’re filling your wardrobe with clothes that fit great and look great.

Warning: what comes next is going to get a little technical. Keep scrolling if the big words are too much—we won’t be offended.

People come in three general body sizes: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Understanding which of these categories you fall into will help you narrow down the fit you should be looking for when you shop for clothes online.

Ectomorph: Tall, skinny, generally need to consume a lot of calories to gain weight. The upside for ectomorphs is that they can fit into almost anything. The downside is that a lot of clothes look loose and baggy on them.

Mesomorph: A medium frame with a compact build. For mesomorphs, a rectangular shape and upright posture means it may be easier for them to put on muscle, but finding clothes that fit them just right is trickier because there’s so many variances within this body type.

Endomorph: A higher percentage of body fat with a heavier and rounder shape. Because endomorphs can gain muscle and lose fat easily, it’s important for them to find clothes that stretch with them and make them feel comfortable no matter what.

So, what does all this mean? Knowing your body type can help you know what clothes you should buy. Here’s how Mizzen+Main clothes break down and how you can figure out your perfect fit.

Mizzen+Main Trim Fit

Our trim fit is cut to give a custom made, tailored feel right off the rack. The trim fit features include:

  • Closer fit to the chest
  • Modern length
  • Slimmer sleeve
  • Tapered waist

If you like the feel of clothes that are close to your skin, then you’re going to love the trim fit. For the taller, skinner men, our trim fits are true to size. For the larger guy who still wants a tailored cut, we often recommend getting one size higher than they’re accustomed to. Oftentimes, someone who wears a medium t-shirt looks best in a large trim. If you’re on the fence, size up.

The trim fit is designed with our most modern silhouette, which means it feels snug without feeling too tight, sharp but not too much.

If you want to get an exact fit, here are the measurements that we recommend for each size.

Mizzen+Main Classic Fit

Previously referred to as our standard fit, the classic fit is the perfect style for anyone looking for a little more wiggle room. This more relaxed cut gives 4" of additional room in the body and arms, allowing you to move smoothly and easily without feeling tied down.

If you don’t like clothes that fit too close to the body, then the classic fit will provide a much more relaxed and comfortable feel. The great thing about our classic fit shirts is that they are loose but not baggy, which means you can still wear them with the confidence that comes with a tailored dress shirt (and of course they have all the performance features you could want).

Also, every classic fit dress shirt still comes with darts in the back, giving you the tailored style you want from a dress shirt. So, before you try to squeeze into a trim in order to get a tailored cut, remember that the classic fit may give you everything you want in a dress shirt.

If you’re looking for an exact fit, here are the measurement that we recommend for each size.

But What About Length?

Both our classic fit and trim fit dress shirts come in two lengths: regular and tall. So, if you’re someone who is tired of being asked whether or not you can dunk (we hear you, big guy), you can get a shirt that works for you.

We also offer certain styles in the No Tuck length, which is 2” shorter than the regular and designed to rest at the middle of your zipper. People often ask, “Can I still tuck a no tuck shirt in?” Look, we won’t tell anyone if you do. If it fits right, do it. No judgment here. Your secret is safe with us.

Mizzen+Main Pants

In case you haven’t heard, we do more than just dress shirts. Mizzen+Main performance pants are ultra comfortable, lightweight, and they feature continuous stretch right where you need it most. Our pants currently come in two styles: athletic and trim.

Both sizes share the same description as the classic and trim fit you’ve come to understand from our dress shirts. The only other thing you should know about the pants is that if you plan to get them tailored (which, while they fit great off the rack, we completely understand), we recommend buying the athletic fit and giving your tailor a little extra fabric to work with.

Mizzen+Main Pullovers and Outerwear

Great news about our outerwear: you don’t have to worry about deciding between classic fit and trim fit. Every sweater, quarter-zip, jacket, and pullover comes in a regular fit, which is right in between classic and trim. That means you get the best of both worlds in a pullover that fits true to size.

Your hardest decision is going to be between which type of collar you want (and if you’re ready to include a hood), which, let’s be honest, you’re going to look great in all of them.

Try the Shirt Finder

Still not sure? We get it. That’s why we’ve created a 3-minute shirt finder quiz that will help you find the perfect style for you. Whether you want a dress shirt, casual shirt, flannel, or polo, you deserve a fit that feels great.

And that’s why we’re here—to give you the clothes you deserve.