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Work Can Wait - Kevin Lavelle, Founder of Mizzen+Main


Look, Kevin Lavelle started this company. So, what you’re reading right now literally wouldn’t exist without him. Not only did he create the brand that created the Best Damn Dress Shirt that created this website that created this blog. But he also sat down for an interview, which as a result, means he also created this content.

Needless to say, we’re fans of Kevin. So, we’re going to jump at any excuse to sit down with him and chat about work, family, and life. Which is exactly what we did.

While known for founding Mizzen+Main, Kevin Lavelle is the husband to Jen and father to Jack and Laura Marie. And as you’ll see in this video, they’re the people he wants to talk about.

When it comes to setting aside email (as Kevin reminded us, “The only reward for being good at email is more emails”), few do it better. Kevin shared why he doesn’t have the internet on his phone, what 30-minute trips to the playground say about his priorities, and how he’s learning to cut himself some slack.

But why hear it from us? Watch the video and see what Kevin’s all about for yourself.