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Work Can Wait: Captain Casual, Visual Artist


His name is Captain Casual. And if you’re wondering whether or not he’s a superhero, the answer is yes. Sort of.

As a former options trader, Captain Casual’s life in the finance world was all about numbers and graphs and computer screens. That is, until a brush with death woke him up to the fact that he had chosen a life of stress and exhaustion when something better was available.

Painting originally started as a side project. Captain Casual would wake up at 5am to get some painting in before the market opened. But working while fitting in painting quickly turned into painting while fitting in work.

That’s when he quit his job to become a full-time visual artist. Captain Casual reminded us that money is really just one way of keeping score. Instead, he’s chosen a life where his score is kept in memories and experiences.

As someone who now works with brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike, Under Armour, Tilly’s, Neiman Marcus, and Effen Vodka, Captain Casual offered us the perfect reminder that work is what you make it. So, why not make it what you love?