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7 Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs To Follow


More startups operate in the US than in any other country. And many of these founders share their journeys, knowledge, and general persona online (you can thank Dorsey for this one).

No longer are some of the most successful business founders reserved for exclusive interviews and Fortune 500 lists—they’re right at our fingertips. For early-stage and first-time founders, forging these connections can help you learn, grow, and network.

Do you like your coffee with a stream of endless, creative content? Good, because we researched some of the best founders and entrepreneurs to follow online.

Dorothy Shain

Follow her on Instagram: @dorothy_shain

Listen to her on Founders 15: Episode #4: Dorothy Shain

A self-proclaimed “left-brainer” and mixed-media artist, Dorothy Shain is the founder and creative director of Dorothy Shain Fine Art & Design. Dorothy saw a massive rise in popularity in recent years, propelling her work to big heights in a small amount of time thanks to her unique pieces specializing in textiles, prints, and wallpapers.

Besides her individual aesthetic, Dorothy posts blogs on her website about her rise to success, reflecting on her previous collections, the people who championed her, and how art manifests in her day-to-day life.

Elsewhere, Dorothy’s Instagram shows her hard at work, at the very beginning stages of her masterpieces, and her influences and personal eureka moments along the way. You can learn more about Dorothy in her conversation with Mizzen+Main Founder, Kevin Lavelle on our website.

Web Smith 

Follow him on Twitter: @web

Listen to him on Founders 15: Episode #10: Web Smith

Web Smith is a particularly versatile founder. He launched 2PM, an executive newsletter looking at the intersection of media and commerce and his impressive network spans investors, creatives, and marketers. Many content creators admire him for establishing a genuinely great newsletter in the overflowing sea of digital content.

Web’s Twitter houses a library of insights around scaling and keeping content relevant, but he also touches upon founder wellbeing, sharing his personal experiences about staying sane and healthy while building a business.

Kevin Lavelle also spoke with Web about his experiences on the Founders 15 podcast. You can listen to the episode here.

Jeremy & Lila Stewart

Follow them on Instagram: @harimari

Listen to them on Founders 15: Episode #14: Jeremy & Lila Stewart

This husband and wife duo started premium flip flop brand Hari Mari to provide adventure travelers with comfortable, fashionable footwear. And not only is their business a hit with nomads around the world, but they also donate 1% of sales to the fight against pediatric cancer treatment and support. Consider us fans.

Through their Instagram, Jeremy and Lila share photos of their travels, new sandal lines, and their family. Follow the brand online and listen to their Founders 15 episode to learn about starting an e-commerce company, how to navigate the realities of remote work, and better understand how others achieve work-life balance.

Tim Ferris

Follow him on Twitter: @tferriss

Listen to his podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim isn’t just a founder, he’s an investor, lifestyle coach, and author. Back in 2001, he founded BrainQUICKEN, a business for nutritional supplements, and later wrote the book, The 4-Hour Workweek, about when he sold the company in 2010. Afterward, he focused on angel investing, eventually becoming “one of the planet’s leading angel investors in technology.” His portfolio includes Facebook, Uber, and Twitter, and he now has five New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller books.

Tim hosts The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, which has more than 700 million downloads. Each week, Tim invites different guests onto the show to discuss their expertise in niche areas of life, and to highlight the tools and tricks to meet your goals. He’s also active on Twitter too, where he logs his thoughts, discusses trending topics, and shares timeless business advice.

Tim also has a big piece of the Mizzen+Main origin story, which Kevin Lavelle refers to as “The Tim Ferris Effect.” You’ll have to read that story for yourself. 

Rand Abou Ras

Follow her on Twitter: @randras_

Rand Abou Ras is a UX/UI designer building a podcasting advertising platform called uCast. As the cost of customer acquisition soars, more businesses are turning to podcast marketing, which can provide a huge reach at a lower cost than traditional methods. Rand tapped into this potential early and now dedicates her time to developing a platform to connect podcasters and advertisers.

Rand shares a goldmine of information with her Twitter followers. Topics include leveraging podcasts as a founder, tools for entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency and the digital economy, and how to persevere as a female founder.

Olu Adedeji

Follow him on Twitter: @oluadedej

In 2021, Olu Adebeji founded Prelo, a platform helping entrepreneurs find investors and secure funding. Today, he prides himself on assisting other founders with the takeaways from his mistakes. 

Olu's Twitter is an honest conversation about building strategic partnerships, project management, communication, and overseeing a team. For straight-to-the-point, actionable steps on how to grow a business and scale your company, turn to Olu.

Cristina Lynch

Follow her on Instagram: @cristina_lynch

Listen to her on Founders 15: Episode #5: Cristina Lynch

Founder of the fashion business Mi Golondrina, Cristina Lynch works with artisan stylists and designers in Mexico to combine eccentric patterns with items embodying comfort. Cristina initially studied theater and business, but she committed fully to her venture after embracing her family’s Mexican heritage.

Cristina’s social media unsurprisingly displays her garments, alongside throwbacks to Mexican fashion throughout the ages. She addresses the challenges of balancing family and friends with work, and how to squeeze in a daily workout as a founder. We spoke with Cristina on Founders 15, and she was also featured on the “How’d She Do That?” podcast too.

We chose these founders because of the actionable advice they share with their audiences. Follow them to find inspiration, use their insights to scale your company, and as always, stay comfortable out there.