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Amir Meghani, CEO of Grand Time


Amir Meghani was 22 years old when he convinced his father to invest in a few hundred luxury watches popular among hip-hop artists. At the time, the family business (three generations deep) was all about buying and selling fashion and designer watches. But Amir had bigger plans.

Fast forward a few years, and he’s the founder of JBW, the CEO of Grand Time, and the person responsible for the wristwear of people like Deion Sanders,Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne. No big deal.

Amidst all of his professional success, there’s a unique activity that underlies everything he does: soccer. Amir describes soccer as more than just a physical activity. He says it’s a time to unwind and experience community with the friends he’s played with for years.

So, when we asked him what he does to step away from work, he already had his answer. But soccer was just the start. Watch his full video to hear him talk about the importance of time with family, what it looks like to create healthy relationships both in and out of work, and why the work/life balance question is one we’ll be answering for a long time.

Amir hopes we’re on our way to creating clear boundaries within a hyperconnected world. We can’t help but agree.